Chi Kang

季康 - Chi Kang
1911 - 2008

眼中恨少奇男子 腕底偏多美婦人
    - 張大千

際遇季康的創作,就如同經歷中國歷史,以國畫的面貌自然的展現在我們眼前。 季康的寫意境界豎立在無與倫比的細節層次,筆的勁道和轉折。將生命注入一個非常古老的藝術傳統。他一生創造了數千件獨特的畫作,希望世人共享他對美的感動. 他最出名的 馬,幽蘭和仕女被稱為"季康三絕"。


17 September at 18:30 - 17 October at 17:00, 2010


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際遇季康的創作,就如同經歷中國歷史,以國畫的面貌自然的展現在我們眼前。 季康的寫意境界豎立在無與倫比的細節層次,筆的勁道和轉折。將生命注入一個非常古老的藝術傳統。他一生創造了數千件獨特的畫作,希望世人共享他對美的感動. 他最出名的 馬,幽蘭和仕女被稱為"季康三絕"。本次展覽將展出許多不曾公開季康的私人收藏,連同其歷史背景,靈感。你將有機會從觀看近乎一世紀的作品,而領會季康的國畫藝術是如何演變..不僅是一個藝術家,也是一個男子在一個非常動盪的時代中熱情為藝術工作逆境成功的例子。首次在台灣,你將看到他在近80歲移居美國後的作品。季康以現代化的國畫藝術形式融入西方開放的美。這次特殊的展品包括部分他在美的作品 “百幅自然裸女” 和 “百鳥。” 請與我們一起探索這個奇妙多彩的季康世界 .

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Chi Kang, Private Collection Book Cover

By Katherine Irene Chou

To encounter the works of Chi Kang (季康) is to experience history unfolding in the natural flow of the traditional guó huà (國畫) painting style, one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Chi Kang’s freehand brushwork stands unparalleled in the level of detail, control, and power conveyed in each of his strokes. He was a prolific painter creating over 5000 unique works, but he is best known for his portrayal of “Horses”, “Orchids”, and “Maidens” also referred to as Chi Kang’s three masterstrokes (季康三絕).

This book presents to the reader many of the unseen bodies of work that have been kept in Chi Kang’s private collection along with its historical context, inspiration, and relationship to the artist’s life; each as a piece of living history. The reader will have a chance to closely study how guó huà artistry developed in the 19th century throughout works from not just an artist, but also a man of inauspicious origins whose passion for art long succeeded the adversity of a very turbulent era in China.

The book sections follow a chronology of how Chi Kang as an artist was able to experiment, adapt, and breakthrough societal conformity and traditions without ever abandoning his roots and values in beauty, integrity, spirit, and family.